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Open House is a new blog launched on August 13, 2008 that is developed and maintained by the National Housing Conference, the United Voice for Housing. Our blog focuses on the most current and critical issues in the affordable housing community.

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06:04 PM
Lessons for housing from Ferguson : What we're buildingby Ethan Handelman, National Housing ConferenceAs I watched the accounts of protests in Ferguson, Missouri, this month from a distant perch in DC, I’ve been ask...
NHC Open House Blog
04:34 PM
Research to help build inclusive communities : Developing solutions through researchby Lisa Sturtevant, Ph.D., National Housing ConferenceInclusive communities are places where people from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds can...
NHC Open House Blog
09:49 AM
“Poor door” discussion misplaces outrage, masks solutions : by Robert Hickey, National Housing ConferenceThe ongoing media discussion of the “poor door” development in New York City misses the forest for the trees by focusing on segregation withi...
NHC Open House Blog
Aug 29
RAD isn’t as radical as it sounds : By Ethan Handelman, National Housing ConferenceThe name of HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) has a phonological connection to “radical,” but it’s far from it in practice.  Most...
NHC Open House Blog
Aug 21
Bank of America settles with DOJ over mortgage lending case : By Rebekah King, National Housing ConferenceOn Thursday, Aug. 21, Bank of America and the U.S....
NHC Open House Blog
Aug 7
Impacts of CFPB proposed rule on HMDA reporting : by Rebekah King, National Housing Conference The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has released a proposed rule that would expand Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) reporting require...
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