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09:47 AM
Ocean heat storage: a particularly lousy policy target : The New York Times, 12 December 2027: After 12 years of debate and negotiation, kicked off in Paris in 2015, world leaders have finally agreed to ditch the goal of limiting global war...
Oct 13
New developments: Climate services for health : I recently received a joint email from the World Meteorological and Health organisations (WMO & WHO) which I like to bring to the attention of our readers....
Oct 6
Climate response estimates from Lewis & Curry : Guest commentary from Richard Millar (U....
Oct 4
Unforced variations: Oct 2014 : This month’s open thread....
Oct 1
Limiting global warming to 2 °C – why Victor and Kennel are wrong : In a comment in Nature titled Ditch the 2 °C warming goal, political scientist David Victor and retired astrophysicist Charles Kennel advocate just that....
Sep 26
Free climate science / modeling class beginning Sept. 29 : Global Warming: The Science and Modeling of Climate Change is a free online adaptation of a college-level class for non-science majors at the University of Chicago (textbook, video lectures)....