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Oct 24
The Executive and the Environment: A Look at the Last Five Governors in New York : Gubernatorial leadership is the single most important indicator of how sustainable New York will be when it comes to issues of environmental protection and conservation....
Law of the Land
Oct 13
White House Council on Environmental Quality Releases Priority Agenda on Climate Change : CEQ has released a long awaited report setting a priority agenda to deal with resiliency and climate change....
Law of the Land
Oct 12
Fed. Dist. Court in NC Dismisses Takings Claim on Ripeness Grounds : CarSpa Automotive, LLC, Marjorie Putnam, and Carl Deny (collectively, “plaintiffs”) filed a complaint against the City of Raleigh, North Carolina (“City”), claiming that the City had taken their prope...
Law of the Land
Oct 9
APA Planning Law Division Hosting an Upcoming Webcast on Sex, Guns & Drugs: Planning for Controversial Land Use : From APA Planning Law Division: The U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and the right to bear arms. But it’s not that simple....
Law of the Land
Oct 5
KY Supreme Court Rules that Statute’s Separate Classification of Government for Purpose of Limiting Concentration of Retail Alcohol Licenses was Unconstitutional : This appeal arose from a challenge by O’Shea’s–Baxter, LLC, d/b/a Flanagan’s Ale House (“Flanagan’s”) to an order of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (“ABC Board”) upholding the Louisville/Jeffers...
Law of the Land
Oct 4
IL Appeals Court Holds Village Improperly Denied Applications to Operate Shooting Range As Recreation Uses Were Permitted As of Right in the District : In late October 2012, plaintiffs applied to obtain the appropriate licenses and permits from the village to open and operate a shooting range on the second floor of a building, above a licensed gun de...
Law of the Land