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Jul 28
A New Vision for Pennsylvania Avenue : Pennsylvania Avenue today / National Capital Planning Commission Pennsylvania Avenue has one of the nation’s most famous addresses – The White House, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.... - The Dirt
Jul 25
A Technicolor Sea of Nemophilas : Nemophilas / Kobaken on Flickr Imagine being immersed in a sea of blue, but on land.... - The Dirt
Jul 24
Help Value the World’s Ecosystem Services : ASLA 2011 Professional Analysis and Planning Honor Award.... - The Dirt
Jul 23
Helsinki Aims to Be Car-free by 2025 : Helsinki / Wikipedia The Guardian‘s excellent environmental coverage has been supplemented by a new section on cities, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation.... - The Dirt
Jul 23
New Survey: What Makes a City Great? : What Makes a City Great?... - The Dirt
Jul 22
Herzog & de Meuron’s Gorgeous Ecological Swimming Pool : Helen Schneider / Naturbad Riehen The people of Riehen, a small city near Basel in Switzerland, have long wanted a new public swimming pool to replace their “obsolescent baths” by the River Wiese.... - The Dirt
Jul 21
To Measure Summer Smog, Plant an Ozone Garden : Danica Lombardozzi / National Center for Atmospheric Research Community Radio of Northern California asks: “What if you could look at the plants in your garden in order to learn if the air ar... - The Dirt
Jul 16
Design a Memorial for a Shaken But Resilient City : A Memorial for the Canterbury Earthquakes / Christchurch Central Development Unit In New Zealand in 2010, an earthquake 7.1 on the Richter scale shook open the earth in a previously unknown fault.... - The Dirt
Jul 15
Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (July 1 – 15) : Dr. Robert Zarr leads a hike through a park in Washington, D.C. / Diana Bowen and National Park Service For more LA in the News, check out LAND, ASLA’s newsletter.... - The Dirt
Jul 14
Christoph Gielen’s Aerial Photographs Document the Failures of Sprawl : All photographs from the book Ciphers, cropped / Copyright Christoph Gielen In his compelling new book Ciphers, Christoph Gielen shows us the amazing shapes of suburbs, which he captures whil... - The Dirt
Jul 11
River Tables : River Collection / Greg Klassen Greg Klassen creates furniture out of “edge pieces from discarded trees,” writes This Is Colossal.... - The Dirt
Jul 9
Blue Urbanism: A Mutually Sustainable Relationship between Cities and Oceans : Blue Urbanism / Island Press Timothy Beatley, professor of sustainable communities at the University of Virginia, has done it again.... - The Dirt
Jul 8
Learn How to Survive D.C.’s New 3D Maze (or Have Fun Exploring) : BIG Maze / National Building Museum “Mazes are usually two-dimensional.... - The Dirt
Jul 8
World’s Largest Underground Trampolines Now Open to Upbeat Cave Explorers : Technicolor trampolines / Bradley White (Bounce Below) Adventurous and non-claustrophobic explorer-types have typically relied on climbing equipment and headlamps to venture into caves below the earth... - The Dirt
Jul 8
Safe and Healthy Routes for Urban Bikers : Bikers at intersection / Heb @ Wikimedia Commons Investing in bicycle infrastructure is good for people and cities For urban cycling advocates, investing in bicycle infrastructure can... - The Dirt