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The Architecture of Trees : all photos by Hannah Barefoot “Trees appear to be too complicated if we don’t have the key.... - The Dirt
Apr 22
Uncovering a Wild Garden’s Past : American beech grove, Dumbarton Oaks Park / Jim Osen Photography Unlike the 16 acres of formal gardens at Washington, D.C.’s Dumbarton Oaks, there are no remaining plans for Dumbarton Oaks Park, the w... - The Dirt
Apr 22
An Escalator to Opportunity : Colombia’s decades of civil war displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Fleeing the countryside, they arrived in the cities like Medellin, only to discover a brutal world ruled by drug lords.... - The Dirt
Apr 21
The Beauty of the Forest : Le radeau des cimes / Krapo arboricole After a weekend of exploring the grounds to draw trees with the students and faculty of the landscape architecture department at the University of Virginia, Fren... - The Dirt
Apr 18
New York City Shifts Away from the Car : Queens Plaza / Margie Ruddick Design responses to New York City’s tangled infrastructure, both instant and painstaking, were the subject of a conversation between “design patron” Janette Sadik-Kahn an... - The Dirt
Apr 18
Vote for Us: Help ASLA Win the Webby : Vote for Us: ASLA’s web site, Designing Our Future: Sustainable Landscapes, has been nominated for a Webby, the most prestigious award for all things online.... - The Dirt
Apr 18
How Can Cities Improve Their Resilience? : Thames barrier, London / The Greenwich Phantom “Urban resilience can be defined as the capacity of the system of cities to survive, adapt, and grow no matter what acute shocks occur,” said Judith Rodi... - The Dirt
Apr 17
Medellin’s Metamorphosis : Medellin Metro station / Jared Green “The turning point in our city’s history was the killing of Pablo Escobar,” said Alexander Velez, our guide during a tour of Medellin, organized by UN-Habitat duri... - The Dirt
Apr 16
Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (April 1 – 15) : The Protective Shallows. Rebuilt by Design proposal by Scape/Landscape Architecture with Parsons Brinckerhoff, Dr.... - The Dirt
Apr 11
Cutting the Super Block Down to Size : Yuelai Eco-city / Calthorpe Associates Urbanization in China is the single biggest human migration in the world.... - The Dirt
Apr 10
Cities Can Undo Inequality If They Start Planning : Slums and high-rises in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Christian Science Monitor “If a city has no structure, there will be inequality,” said Joan Clos, head of the UN Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat)... - The Dirt
Apr 10
Medellin’s Amazing Transformation : Parque de la luces / Medellin culture department This year, Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia, is the host of the UN-Habitat’s World Urban Forum, which attracts more than 15,000 urban lead... - The Dirt
Apr 7
Discover a Career in Landscape Architecture : The American Society of Landscape Architects has launched a new Career Discovery web site to help young people explore the profession of landscape architecture.... - The Dirt
Apr 4
DIY Tree Art : The Chandelier Tree / This Is Colossal The Chandelier Tree / This Is Colossal For ages, trees have been a favorite subject of landscape painters.... - The Dirt
Apr 3
The Wit & Wisdom of Biz Stone : “My success is built on a mountain of failure.” This bit of wisdom and others come from Biz Stone, one of the co-founders of Twitter, who shared stories from his new book, Things a Little Bird Tol... - The Dirt
Apr 2
At Liberty : Place de la République before aerial view / © Place de la République after aerial view / © TVK A piece of Paris has been recivilized for walking (or skating, or scootering, or p... - The Dirt
Apr 2
San Francisco Wants You to See and Feel Innovation : Pause / Shawn Lani via The Architect’s Newspaper San Francisco has long been a test bed for innovation when it comes to its streets.... - The Dirt
Apr 1
New UN Report: World Is Ill-Prepared for Climate Change : Dry river bed.... - The Dirt
Apr 1
The Party Aardvark : Party Aadvark / all photos © Inge Hondebrink Burger’s Zoo, the largest zoo in Holland, near the city of Arnhem, wanted to make a splash with the celebration of their 100th year.... - The Dirt
Apr 1
Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (March 16 -31) : Bronx Queens Expressway / DLand Studio via Architect Magazine For more LA in the News, check out LAND, ASLA’s newsletter.... - The Dirt