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Aug 21
A Must-read: The Updated Urban Bikeway Design Guide : NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide, 2nd Edition / Island Press In the year 2000, the District of Columbia had three miles of bike lanes.... - The Dirt
Aug 21
Cities: Apply Now for the 100 Resilient Cities Challenge : ASLA 2013 Professional Design Award of Excellence.... - The Dirt
Aug 20
Sustainable Design Innovation: Perez Art Museum Miami : Perez Art Museum Miami / all photos by Robin Hill The built and natural environments merge to form something new and amazing in Miami: The Perez Art Museum.... - The Dirt
Aug 19
Natural Architecture, According to Humans : Bat Tower. Ants of the Prairie. East Otto, NY, 2010 / Ants of the Prairie Woven branches. Green bamboo, curved while young to harden in place. Hives, nests, rookeries, and domes.... - The Dirt
Aug 19
Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (August 1–15) : Mia Lehrer / Metropolis Mia Lehrer & the L.A.... - The Dirt
Aug 12
Even with the Threat of More Monster Storms, Shorelines Can Be Public Spaces : Shoreline green infrastructure at the new Water Institute Campus in Baton Rouge / Voorsanger Architects At a lecture on resilient waterfront design at the Center for Architecture in New York, two proj... - The Dirt
Aug 11
Folly Forest: From Asphalt to Educational Landscape : Browsing through the latest issue of Azure magazine, one can see socially conscious design is making its way even into the far reaches of Winnipeg, Canada.... - The Dirt
Aug 7
Community Resilience on the Edge : Levee Lab at Hunts Point tests designed ecologies, materials, and techniques for climate-adapted industrial waterfronts to develop new regulatory frameworks / OLIN & PennDesign Is resilience ecologica... - The Dirt
Aug 7
SITES Certifies New Set of Landscapes : Kirke Park / Sustainable Sites Initiative The Sustainable Sites Initiative™ (SITES™) program has certified four new landscapes.... - The Dirt