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1 1 StreetsblogCovering the New York City Streets Renaissance 13 Oct 08
2 2 Strong TownsThe mission of Strong Towns is to support a model for growth that allows America's towns to become financially strong and self-sufficient. 14 Apr 10
2 3 The City FixExploring Sustainable Solutions to Problems of Urban Mobility 29 Jul 09
4 Global Site Plans: The GridEvery weekday of the month The Grid is your destination for blogs related to architecture, engineering, environmental non-profits, landscape architecture, and urban planning. 21 May 12
5 Law of the LandA blog on land use law and zoning 9 Sep 08
2 6 The AntiplannerDedicated to the sunset of government planning 19 Sep 08
2 7 Sightline - The Daily Score blogMost recent posts from Sightline Institute's blog, the Daily Score 11 Sep 08
2 8 - The DirtNews we dig from the world of landscape architecture and beyond. 9 Sep 08
2 9 Dot EarthNew York Times blog 10 Oct 08
10 Planetizen Interchange 9 Sep 08
2 11 RealClimateClimate science commentary by actual climate scientists... 16 Sep 08
12 Peter Gordon's BlogA blog exploring the intersection of economic thinking and urban planning/real estate development and related big-think themes. 9 Sep 08
13 The Goodspeed UpdateRob Goodspeed's blog 10 Feb 09
2 14 NHC Open House BlogOpen House is a new blog launched on August 13, 2008 that is developed and maintained by the National Housing Conference, the United Voice for Housing. 2 Oct 08
15 Urban OmnibusUrban Omnibus is an online project of the Architectural League that explores, through multi-media features and online commentary, the relationship between design of all disciplines and the built envir 29 Jul 09
16 Bldgblogarchitectural conjecture :: urban speculation :: landscape futures 9 Sep 08
17 BLDGBLOGarchitectural conjecture :: urban speculation :: landscape futures 13 Oct 08
18 Houston StrategiesAn open dialogue on serious strategies for making Houston a better city, as well as a coalition-builder to make them happen. All comments, email, and support welcome. 12 Sep 08
19 Urban Planning BlogThoughts on Urban Planning and Design by Pratik Mhatre, a doctoral student in the Urban and Regional Science program at Texas A&M University, College Station. 16 Sep 08
2 20 DenverUrbanismNews, ideas, and commentary about urbanism in the Mile High City 11 Jul 12
The Downtown CurmudgeonN. David Milder, founder and president of DANTH, Inc. is a nationally recognized authority on downtown revitalization and a leading proponent of developing market niches. 19 Sep 08
GIS and Agent-Based ModellingThis is a blog focused around our interests in Geographical Information Science (GIS) and Agent-Based Modelling (ABM). 2 Oct 08
California Planning & Development ReportCalifornia Planning & Development Report [CP&DR] is a periodical for planners, land-use lawyers, developers, environmentalists, citizen activists, and others interested and involved in the process of 17 Oct 08 is devoted to analyzing and discussing the places where we live and work. 17 Oct 08
Market UrbanismUrbanism for Capitalists / Capitalism for Urbanists 9 Sep 08
California Planning & Development Report Blogs 9 Sep 08
neighborhoods.orgSaving the world, one walkable neighborhood at a time. 17 Sep 08
The Transportationista weblog by David Levinson and the Nexus Research Group on Networks, Economics, and Urban Systems 6 Apr 09
Aesthetic GroundsPublic Art, Public Space 10 Oct 08
Cuyahoga County Planning Commission Weblog 10 Feb 09
Denver InfillDenver's premier urban planning and development website for news, ideas, and commentary about Downtown Denver and its urban infill developments. 10 Feb 09
Planetizen Op-Eds 2 Dec 08
Property ScopeFrom downtown lofts to suburban office parks, Property Scope focuses on topics including real estate, development, architecture and historic preservation in Knoxville and East Tennessee. 3 Jun 10
Joel Makower: Two Steps ForwardSustainable Business. Clean Technology. Green Marketplace. 9 Sep 08
Welcome to the Fast LaneThe Official Blog of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation. 1 Oct 08
CoolTown StudiosCrowdsourcing Cool Places for Creatives 11 Sep 08
The Ground FloorHeard at the Urban Land Institute 20 Oct 08
Emergent UrbanismBuilding the new science of urbanism. With urban planning under attack from all sides and yet unlimited urbanization now pervasive, the paradigmatic crisis of urbanism is at its 29 Sep 08
USC Lusk Center for Real Estate blogThe USC Lusk Center for Real Estate seeks to advance real estate knowledge, inform business practice, and address timely issues that affect the real estate industry, the urban economy, and public poli 8 Mar 10
Urban Planning ResearchEssays on urban studies by Prof. Randall Crane, UCLA. 11 Sep 08
Brand AvenuePlace, Space, & Identity 20 Oct 08
WhereA blog about urban places, placemaking, and the concept of "place." 19 Sep 08
Design New HavenDesign New Haven is a widely-read civic forum, blog and resource on Downtown New Haven, Connecticut. 29 Jul 09
Post Carbon Cities BlogBlog posts from selected PCC staff and colleagues 9 Sep 08 13th FloorWelcome to the 13th Floor, a blog on state and local government by the writers and editors of Governing Magazine. Our view from Suite 1300 is all right: top floor, but for sure no penthouse. 19 Sep 08
Vacant Property: Urban OpportunitiesThis site will host: * A clearinghouse of ideas for ways to re-utlilize vacant property * An open conversation about the effects of these policies and interventions 25 Jun 09
PrunedOn landscape architecture and related fields 9 Sep 08
The Commons Blog 10 Oct 08
Urbification: Taking the sub out of Calif. suburbsWalking. Bicycling. Alternatives to Driving Everywhere. Social justice. Alternatives to suburban boredom and waste. And the infrastructure and technology needed to get there. 16 Sep 08
Culture of Congestion 9 Sep 08